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About Living Way

Learn who we are?

ornament1Welcome to Living Way – a collection of Missional Communities that meet throughout the St. Cloud area.

Our Communities


We need a group of people to share a common purpose with. These friends provide the real, simple connections that make the Christian faith what it should be – a tangible reality.

Community Gatherings

ornament1Gatherings are where are communities get together to celebrate God’s greatness and what He is doing in our lives. Our services are filled with genuine expressions of faith and encouragement – combined with the life-changing work of the Gospel.

What we do?

ornament1Jesus calls his Church to be an active part of the world, and the Church is at its best when it serves, sacrifices, and loves; caring about the things that God cares about.

What's new?

  • Carl Newbanks

    "Christians don't invite people to church.

    We invite people into our lives."

  • Car Newbanks

    "This is how we reach people.

    We walk with them."

  • Jesus
    "Love your neighbor as yourself"
  • Kendra Roehl
    "Christians are supposed to be different, but not distant."

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