We are living our lives to bring the Kingdom of God close to those around us.  When we have the opportunity, we can share the truth about Jesus and God’s redemptive mission in many ways. When we consider the opportunity to speak about the gospel, these are a few encouraging points to remember in practice and preparation. Consider the goal of the conversation; Jesus as the way, God’s kingdom/mission explained, life-realized through the context of God’s story.
Think of the difference between a Missional approach and an Evangelism approach when talking about the Gospel. The following is an adaptation of an original article from the verge network written by Nick barker.

  1. Pray

FOR REAL. Spend time praying that the Holy Spirit would lead us on mission. Jesus instructs his disciples to wait for the sending of the Spirit (Acts 1:4-5) before they go out on mission. The same is true for us today.

No fruit will come from our missional efforts if they aren’t saturated with prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Elements of Prayer to consider:  Silent Reflection, Listening, Worship, Thankfulness, Petitioning, Journaling

  1. See your Missional Community as a team

Work together with your MC on ways to share the gospel.

God uses his church to reflect the gospel. This can be done as communities work together to intentionally display and declare the good news.

Hebrews 10:24 – Remember to be together.

  1. Listen

Mission should be done with the posture of humility and compassion. A tangible way of doing this is actively listening to what people are saying.

Knowing a persons story will allow for a more faithful contextualization of the gospel. (Listen to understand,  hearing someone to form a rebuttal is arguing, not listening)

  1. Tell the True Story

So what should we tell people about God? How should we do it? A good place to start is with the presenting of the overarching story of the Bible. Jesus is King, that he is working to right every wrong, and that he is restoring every broken part of this earth! Tell of the powerful, all knowing God who is on a rescue mission to redeem His Creation

This is much better news than the individualized gospel of Jesus hiding in our hearts How would you share this story? Try it.
What about using a cultural story as an analogy – metaphors – movies – books

RESPOND: The reality, is that most of the anxieties that come from evangelism stem from Christians not believing the gospel themselves. Or even worse, they don’t believe that the gospel is good news.

  1. Preach the gospel to yourself daily

We constantly need to be reminded of, and be transformed by the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus.

We must deeply know, delight, contemplate, and give thanks for the gospel. HOW, WHEN? Out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). What is abundant in my heart? What is the gospel (The mission to rescue creation) doing in me every day?

  1. Faithfully expect God to work

Do we believe that God is doing something through us? Do we believe that we are his agents here on earth? Do we believe that He is going to use us to transform lives?

Faith, belief  – critical elements of Christian life – I am really am supposed to believe this stuff.
Mark 9:24  “ Help my unbelief! Great prayer for all of us.

If I believe that I will be used, it is probably a good to prayerfully strategize and practice gospel conversation.

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