The Missional Community

We all need community. We need a group of people to share a common purpose with. These friends provide the real, simple connections that make the Christian faith what it should be – a tangible reality. At Living Way Church, our Missional Communities meet together to share a meal, pray, talk about life with God and how to serve others. We call it living “Sent” lives. You will find it to be an inspiring/transformational journey. The life-giving culture that grows out of these activities draw us closer to Christ and to each other, but most of all it focuses on “Sending” us to others.

Getting Started

How do you really “Get Started” when it comes to a Missional Community…  Don’t consider Living Way a place to join another small group – Living Way is a collection of people who support each other as we all turn our lives outward and begin to show God’s Tangible Kingdom to those around us.  So the first questions isn’t really “How do I join”, the question should be “How do I begin to live a missional lifestyle?”

You can always contact us directly or join one of our meetings to get more information!


Some Missional Reading

You might be curious about “Missional”… Here are some thought provoking reads that will help you better understand what Missional means to us.

Our Missional Vision

You can listen to some specific messages we have shared about Missional living.

The Three Circles   Listen

Inclusive Community  Listen

Loving your neighbor as yourself Listen

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