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Gathering Communities Together

Sunday Gatherings are where Missional Communities get together to celebrate God’s greatness and what He is doing through our lives.  Gatherings are filled with genuine expressions of faith and encouragement – combined with the life-changing work of the Gospel. We use this time sing, listen, interact, share and give. Here we emphasize the upward posture of our worship to our Father, the Son (as King) and the Holy Spirit (the one who leads and guides our life).




We often feel that kids should be in their own areas, away from adults as we get together to share the Kingdom of God together.  Although we may provide some limited kid-focused teaching during our gatherings, most of the time we encourage children to remain in the main gathering.   We believe children are a part of the Kingdom of God right now, and should participate and contribute as such.
You will be amazed at the insight children will provide as they join the music and discussions that take place during our gatherings.